The Fixx: Live In NH 2017.8.9.

This is a little different than my normal album review posts. I haven’t reviewed a live show before, but to hell with it – it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want.

My friends from The PopCulturaLists and I grew up listening to The Fixx, some of us more than others. For me, their career began and ended with the Reach The Beach album, though I was peripherally aware of their other charting singles. My pals, though, were a bit more invested, and dug into both earlier material and subsequent releases. So when we found out they were playing at Tupelo Hall in the next town over, we decided it was a good excuse to get the boys together for a weeknight out.

To start with, I’ll make brief mention of the venue: Tupelo Hall’s original digs – which I frequented as often as possible – were recently sold and they moved one town over to Derry, NH. While the old spot was a fantastically intimate makeshift performance room, the new location is designed from the ground up as a music venue. The sound is exceptional in a small room that maintains the intimacy of the old space; I’ve been in junior high school auditoriums that are larger. All of this makes for a very personal experience when seeing a live show here.

I was ecstatic when The Fixx started the show with Reach The Beach deep cut “Privilege,” and it stoked high hopes that they’d rely heavily on their most commercially successful record. Alas, the only other RtB cuts that they included were radio hits “One Thing Leads To Another” and “Saved By Zero.” I wasn’t disappointed by the set list, but I was really hoping to hear “Liner” live, as it has long been my favorite Fixx tune.

Cy Curnin‘s voice has not given an inch as he’s aged and tonight he sounded as good live as he did almost 35 years after the band hit big in 1983. Though they indulged in some later cuts for the lifelong fans, they also satisfied the nostalgists in the crowd with a hevavy dose of hits both major and minor including “Red Skies,” “Stand Or Fall,” “Are We Ourselves,” and encore closer “Secret Separation.”

The 75 minute set was the perfect mix of well known 80s radio fodder, deeper album cuts, and more recent songs that were new to this casual fan. All in all, a very enjoyable night out, and if you get the chance to see these guys play near you, treat yourself to the experience. Even if I hadn’t known anything by The Fixx, I’d have enjoyed the show immensely.

2 thoughts on “The Fixx: Live In NH 2017.8.9.

    • You’re right, I gave him short shrift in this review. For someone I hadn’t heard of before tonight’s show, I was very impressed with both his performance and his music. Great songs and great stories about the diverse and varied lives he’s led. Given that he’s local, it’d be worth seeking out another show by Charlie, particularly if he’s playing with a full band next time.


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